Music : Erik Feller

In preparation


Extracts :

  • Cantabile - Erik Feller 6:29
  • Prélude Si m - Erik Feller 6:31
  • Choral Si m mouv 1 - Erik Feller 3:15
  • Choral Si m mouv 2 - Erik Feller 6:08
  • Choral La m extrait 1 - Erik Feller 3:45
  • Choral La m extrait 2 - Erik Feller 1:33


Music composed and conducted by Erik Feller

I always thought that to make well "sing" the music, it was necessary to think of something else, often the orchestra or the voice, but not essentially of its own instrument. The organ is certainly the instrument which leads the most directly to the orchestra. Thus it is a free and very symphonic orchestration of the works of Cesar Franck's organ that I propose here. I sometimes took some liberties, certainly, it seems to me, that to make better spring what already implies and implicitly this music.

Erik Feller